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By partnering with Nuapay, you can integrate the industry’s most advanced 
Account-2-Account and other Open Banking services, advancing your capabilities as a PSP quickly and easily.

Simplify the process of adopting Open Banking with Nuapay's Payment Solution for PSPs

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All the challenges have been taken care of, from working with various reporting standards to integrating with your PSP's enterprise systems.

Our team is immersed in the world of payments & payment technology. Count on us to advise you of upcoming changes that may impact your business.

We've designed our open banking platform from years of experience working with financial institutions and payments, and it's yours to call your own.

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About Nuapay

Nuapay provides a complete environment for collecting recurring payments, going from customer signing a mandate to receipt of money.

Everything needed, including all banking requirements, is provided from a single, fully integrated cloud-based environment. This can be operated as a standalone application, or any of the features can be readily integrated with your environment using APIs or using other integration options.

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